Solem was founded in 2013 as a packaging company with our manufacturing activities for food and non-food industry to our clients with wide range products. We can offer many kind of paper packaging solutions to our clients.
Solem offers innovations and high quality packaging products. As the company is also raw material importer the competitive price is presented to our clients with effective lead time. The company is the manufacturer of paper packaging solutions. In that point, Solem is presenting huge range for packaging solutions.
The main theme formation of the company is to follow up national and international standard closely without compromising. Solem is performing continuous self-renewal and current technological developments.


Our vision is to be a leader company for quality service to their clients without compromising regarding packaging solutions to maintain renowned and trusted company. Our vision strongly reflects who we are; tough, hard-working, and detail-oriented. It is that special mark that allows us to stand above the crowd.


Solem mission is to lead the industry and enhances our client’s business by offering professional & speedy services.
As our clients’ packaging partner, our mission is also presenting many kind of packaging options and varieties with maximum level.
Solem targets to present the most efficient and best quality with unique products that make our clients high visual brands to make difference in the market.

Fsc, Bio, Environment, Sustainability

We have FSC certificate which ensures responsible management of semi-natural forests where the cycle of planting, growing and logging is carefully controlled.
Sustainable forestry is one of the most effective ways to mitigate climate change and store CO2. All BioPack products are made from Cellulose from FSC. Sustainable packaging is the development and use of packaging which results in improved sustainability. This involves increased use of life cycle inventory (LCI) and life cycle assessment (LCA) to help guide the use of packaging which reduces the environmental impact and ecological footprint

Company Standards

Solem targets to supply sustainable partnership to our clients with getting their satisfaction. We produce friendly environment product with high-efficiency.
We recognize that the best development and innovation opportunities come from our clients. We solicit and attentively listen to their ideas and their feedback.
We have the conviction that our products and the philosophy are the best, yet always seek to improve. We propose ergonomic, intuitive and simple solutions for our clients; these are the hardest to develop.


Solem offers a wide range of different solutions including fast food packaging, ice-cream containers, noddle boxes, soup and salad containers. The paper segment has strong market positions with competitive advantages include long term presence, forming expertise and high quality standards.

Paper products;

  • 16 oz to 38 oz with different volumes and sizes,
  • Wide range colour segments,,
  • Convenience for hot & cold services,
  • Sustainable solutions with recyclable & eco-friendly products.

There are two main products in paper production line which are folding boxes and containers with lids. Folding boxes do not require any lids because of their special designs as well as paper containers offers thermoform PET & PP lids options.


Solem offers a comprehensive range of packaging solutions catering to the rapidy growing food delivery sector. Consumers expect high quality out-of-restaurant dining experiences, so business must be prepared to deliver.

Strong and sturdy packaging solutions stand out in a crowd. Solem’s venues and catering range includes products that are tough, designed to hold a wide variety of foods and are easy for your customers to access and carry.

  • Different colour choosen,
  • Convenience for hot & cold services,
  • Sustainable solutions with recyclable & eco-friendly products,
  • Perfect the presentation for food-service,
  • Protect food Integrity


Solem also offers Paper Straw solutions to our clients. You can make the switch to sustainable paper straws. Eco-friendly BioStraws are neutral, recylable and compostable. Consumers are increasingly aware of the impact of convenience pacakging on the environment and are demanding low-impact alternative options which is like paper straws:

Paper Straws;

  • With different volumes and sizes,
  • With different designs,
  • Straws printed with food safe ink,
  • Stylish alternative to plastic straws,
  • Sustainable solutions with recyclable & eco-friendly products



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